ACERO caters to the global demand for Steel Buildings, supplying to all countries around the world. Providing steel building solutions across different markets and industries, continuously growing and expanding to accommodate an everchanging construction landscape.

ACERO caters to the global demand for Steel Buildings and offers to supply to all countries around the world. ACERO provides steel building solutions across many markets and industries and continues to grow and expand to accommodate an everchanging construction landscape.

Livestock stables, poultry buildings, barns, commodity warehouses, food processing, bottling factories, grain mills and cold storage.

Airport buildings for passengers and admin, aircraft hangars, aircraft repair workshops.

Car showrooms and dealerships, tire repair workshops and service centers.
Supermarkets, department stores, hypermarkets, malls, shopping
centers and retail stores.

Public facilities, fire stations, police stations, museums, libraries, municipal offices, military bases, vehicle maintenance centers, and jails.

Ship building, transportation (factories for trains, aircrafts and buses),
desalination plants, mining facilities, steel mills, chemical plants,
cement factories, oil and gas facilities.

Automobile manufacturing facility, facilities for production of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), facilities for production of consumer durables (white goods and appliances), consumer electronics manufacturing, and furniture production facilities.

Distribution centers, distribution warehouses, fulfilment centers, cold storage warehouses, bulk storage warehouses, retail warehouses and self-storage warehouses.

Unconventional buildings and structures such as pipe racks, portable cabins, process structures, cable production towers, parking sheds, fuel stations, recycling facilities, recreational facilities, community centers, restaurants, exhibition centers, auditoriums, roof structures, indoor sports facilities, gyms, equestrian arena’s, falcon training centers,

Multistory office buildings, corporate headquarters, coworking office structures, multistory residential buildings, accommodation camps, remote offices, and remote accommodation.